Declare war on fat with Grenade

We're always on the lookout for great new ways to stay in shape, whether it's a diet programme, exercise regime or nutritional products.

Sifting through all the fad diets and gimmicks, we've come across Grenade, a brand that definitely seems to offer an exciting way to lose weight.

What is Grenade?

Grenade fat burner is a revolutionary weight management programme, suitable for men and women.

The idea is to combine this product with a high-protein, calorie-controlled diet, as well as a solid exercise regime – it's not a magic formula, but it will deliver results if you work at it.

The science

Each serving of the Grenade range contains a whopping 500mg of green tea extract. This contains high levels of catechins, which are chemical polyphenols proven to have a positive effect on body weight and show strong antioxidant properties.

Also included is caffeine anhydrous, which is known for its ability to free fat from cells so your body can burn it more easily.

Grenade also contains cayenne and the essential amino acid phenylalanine, which supports thyroid function to maintain metabolic activity.

The brand

Grenade began life in the UK, where it has cemented its reputation as one of the world's fastest growing and most innovative sports nutrition companies.

Key to its success is the multi-award winning flagship fat burner product, currently the UK's number one selling weight loss product in this category.

Grenade is a truly global brand, however, and launched in the US in 2011, where it has been gaining in prominence ever since, recently sponsoring the 2013 Mr Olympia weekend in Las Vegas.

Chief executive officer Alan Barratt says: "Grenade’s success is down to the hard work of all of our distributors, staff and athletes.  Grenade is appreciative of all of their support over the past years and we are excited about the expansion of the Grenade range in the US and beyond over the next few months."