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A nerdy overview of Music, DVDs & Videos

There's nothing we enjoy more than sitting back with a bowl of popcorn and watching our favourite films and TV shows. That's why at Shopping Nerd we have accumulated a huge selection of the very best DVDs and videos, including a great choice of brand new Blu-Ray titles.

From adult Blu-Rays to anime Blu-Rays, we offer the best choice of the latest blockbusters, TV series and cartoons. Whether Star Wars or Star Trek is your thing, or you prefer a class Hitchcock thriller to a Disney film, our Blu-Rays are the best way to view them. Perfect for your home cinema system, Blu-Rays deliver the very best picture and sound quality.

We also have an endless supply of DVDs, including drama, comedy, documentary, horror, science fiction, fantasy and many more. Whatever genre, we'll have it. And because we know some of you still like to watch videos, we stock a great selection of VHS films and TV series.

Order hit US TV shows like The Sopranos, Friends, The Wire, Mad Men, Game of Thrones and loads of those classic programmes you'd forgotten even existed – MASH, Cheers, Fawlty Towers, Blackadder and so many more.

Shopping Nerd is also the place to come for music title. Whether you only love the Beatles, can't get enough of the Rolling Stones or you're looking for Michael Jackson's Greatest Hits, you'll find it all here. From top chart artists like Mumford and Sons, Arctic Monkeys, Adele, Emile Sande to some less-known bands and singers, the nerds have sourced the top albums and top singles to order.

Find the best in ambient and relaxation music, classical music and opera, dance music, jazz and blues, metal, musicals and soundtracks, hip hop and rap music, rock and pop and world music here at Shopping Nerd.

The Kinks 'invented' heavy metal with 'You Really Got Me'. The hugely influential distortion sound was caused after Dave Davis sliced the speaker cone of his guitar amplifier with a razor blade and poked it with a pin.

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