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Who are we and why Shopping Nerd is different

Here at Shopping Nerd we only stock a collection of great products at low prices. It's a simple philosophy, but one which we think works pretty well. From fantastic offers and bargains on top brands to some truly amazing daily deals on all the latest gadgets, you can find it all right here. Everything you see is hand selected by the nerds, who take great care to only source the best available deals. The nerds do all the hard work - finding the best price on products from across the internet – so you don't have to.

We stock the latest gadgets and products sourced from all around the world, whether it's the new iPad from California or the latest Nintendo games console from Japan. But it's not just the big brands that you'll find on offer here; we also look to push innovative products to the market first, whilst giving customers the chance to buy great clearance items.


Great offers to suit everybody...

Everyone loves a bargain and at Shopping Nerd it's all about providing great offers, from daily deals to new innovative products to sales and clearance items. We believe in offering our followers a truly personalised shopping experience, but at bargain basement prices. You'll find virtually everything here, from baby clothes to car engine oil.

We source products from all over, seeking out some truly stunning deals on new products and some more familiar items. You can shop in 18 different departments, each with its own unique range of products. Alternatively, you can seek out the very best offers with our superb daily deals handpicked by each of the seven nerds according to their own speciality: electronics, fashion, health & beauty, home & garden, sports and travel.

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Driven by great brands...

Shopping Nerd stocks the latest and greatest brands. From household names to quirky cool local brands, you'll find them all here, and all at great low prices that you won't find elsewhere. Whether it's the latest Vaio laptop from Sony or a new mobile phone from Blackberry, we deliver world's top brands direct to your home hassle-free.

We work directly with leading brands to secure great deals that no one else can offer. So if you're looking for a cheap deal on the latest Apple iPhone or some limited edition Levi's jeans at knock-down prices, look no further than Shopping Nerd. Browse popular fashion brands like DKNY, Diesel, Dior and Armani, and search for the latest sportswear from the likes of Adidas and Nike. Rest assured, if it's big brand shopping you want, Shopping Nerd is the place to come.

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Cool and Unique Content...

You'd think we'd just be happy delivering great products at phenomenal prices. But here at Shopping Nerd we like to take things a stage further and provide as much useful and unbiased information as possible to help you make an informed choice. We're not trying to plug any one brand, so you can rely on our nerds' opinions.

We produce a huge amount of helpful, quirky and entertaining content, ranging from in-depth shopping guides, to latest industry news and cool blogs on a range of niches. Our nerds love to keep you up-to-date with everything that's happening in their field. So whether it's a new product launch from a leading brand or some handy tips, you'll find it all right here at Shopping Nerd.

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In collaboration with great customers and fans...

Shopping Nerd is so much more than just the UK's best new online retail site; it's also a huge and ever-growing community of shoppers and bargain hunters linked by a common desire to find top brands at rock bottom prices. And it's growing. Our Facebook and Twitter followers are increasing by the day as more and more people head to Shopping Nerd for great deals. And our website is built for mobile, tablet and desktop use, suiting all our fans wherever they are and however they like to do their shopping.

A vibrant online community of shoppers needs something meaningful to hold it all together. That's where we deliver that bit more. Collaborations with our cool, quirky and innovative brands attract and keep customers with a diverse range of top quality products that you can't find elsewhere. Indeed you won't find a better place to seek out fresh new brands alongside tried-and-tested makes, all at Shopping Nerd's unique low prices.

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