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A nerdy overview of Pet Supplies

Shopping Nerd - your one-stop online pet supplies shop. Get pet food, cages, fish tanks and much more delivered direct to your door. We have a vast range of pet supplies, from bird cages to dog food and reptile vivariums - check it out today.

We stock a large selection of large and small bird baths, bird cages, bid cups, bird feeders, bird houses and much more. See our bird food and bird grooming range. Also don't forget we have all kinds of offers on bird vitamins, bird treats, bird toys and water bottles for birds. Our nerds have found some great bird cage essentials; like bird swings, bird nests, bird perches and bird ladders to keep them fit.

For cat lovers there is just as much choice. We have cat flaps, cat beds and blankets, cat bowls, feeders and waterers, cat collars and leads and so much more for your feline friend. Find cat food deals and some fabulous offers on cat medicines, remedies and vitamins, as well as cat grooming and cat flea and tick control products.

Don't forget for those of you who can't go anywhere without your furry friend, we have loads of cool cat travel carriers, cat travel supplies and cat toys and games.

Dog owners are in luck too. We have dog beds and blankets, dog collars and leads, dog bowls and feeders and much more, including dog grooming supplies, dog flea and tick control, dog training aids, and dog food and treats. Quite simply, everything you could ever want to keep your pet pooch pleased is right here, whether they're large breeds like Alsatians and Great Danes, hunting breeds like Labradors and spaniels, or lapdogs like Pekingese and Chihuahuas.

Shopping Nerd also boasts a great range of aquariums, fish care products and aquarium accessories for everything from goldfish to tropical fish. For reptile owners, we have vivariums and a large choice of specialist reptile supplies, including pumps, vitamins, food, heaters, lamps and bulbs.

Finally we've found some great deals on small pet supplies. From grooming kits for hamsters and guinea pigs, to small pet feeding and treats, we have it covered. So whether you've got an Alsatian or a gerbil, the nerds have it all right here for you.

A parrot in captivity can live for between 40 and 100 years. A hamster lives for just three.

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